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202 W Main St
Louisa, VA, 23093
United States

(540) 894-3504

Our firm, strategically located in Louisa Virginia, provides deep insight and experienced litigation in all aspects of the law. With a company motto of "aggressively protecting out clients' rights," it is no surprise that our track record inside the courtroom sets us apart. Our lead attorney, R.T. Williams III, has been delivering for his clients daily since the firm was founded.

Providing consultation and representation in Louisa and surrounding counties, for everything from tractor trailer accidents to estate planning and wills. The legal system can be a complicated and painful experience, but we provide the road-map and results to help protect your future. 



R. T. "Torrey" Williams III provides consultation and representation in a variety of cases involving DUIs, drugged driving, drinking and driving, and many others.

If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or drugs, you need an experienced DUI attorney right away. If you are 21, the legal limit for Blood Alcohol content is 0.08%  and if you are under 21 the legal limit is a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.02 %. If you are accused of exceeding these limits while operating a motor vehicle you need an attorney who will analyze the entire police interaction with a fine tooth comb and can give your case the time your case deserves. DON’T GO INTO COURT ALONE! Details and answers to questions such as: was there probable cause for the initial stop? Did law enforcement properly administer all tests including field sobriety and primary breath tests? Was there any allegation of refusing to submit to breath testing? Was the machine designed to chemically test your Blood Alcohol content calibrated correctly and accurately? could result in you being found not guilty!  These are questions we can answer while agressivley advocating on your behalf. .

If you are 21, the legal limit for Blood Alcohol content is 0.08%  and if you are under 21 the legal limit is a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.02 %. Being charged with a DUI alleging of you being in excess of the legal limits does not always mean you will be convicted. 

Being convicted of Driving Under the influence will likely result in the loss of your license, fines, active and/or suspended jail time, and requirements to take Alcohol safety programs. These penalties can be severe and impact your day to day life such as driving to work and your future. Our firm can analyze your case and work with you in attempting to have your dismissed or reduced as well as helping you apply for restricted driver’s license in instances where your license is suspended.